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The Dora Milaje outfits have been based mostly on tribal influences, and their distinct pink colour from the comics remained. Maybe it’s the purple eyes and the slim eyebrow and nostril design, however he seems to be just a little evil. Combining traditional appears with modern influences is what made the Wakandan look uniquely its … Read more

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That’s proper: he stripped the vibranium of its capacity to absorb vibrations, in the method presumably cancelling out any magic-amplifying properties it may have, too. She may only be a teenager, however Shuri is actually smarter than even Tony Stark, and evidently she’s already revolutionized Wakandan science. Where the standard Black Panther costume could absorb … Read more

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These outstanding collars across the necks of Shuri and Dora Milaje’s outfits are the Ndebele Neck Rings. Ndebele Neck Rings. Shuri and the Dora Milaje have outfits with a outstanding collar. The South Ndebele peoples of Zimbabwe/South Africa wear neck rings as part of their traditional dress and as a sign of wealth and standing. … Read more