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He knows that he has little to worry about from knives and small caliber bullets – though there’s a caveat connected to that first one. While this connects the previous to the present, there are several examples that draw between the past and the future as well—Afrofuturism, in any case, is the intersection of the … Read more

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Captain America – a superhero who shows strength, stamina, agility, is an expert tactician, has healing potential, a talented martial artist and is indestructible! The Incredible Hulk has unbreakable strength, velocity and stamina, regeneration skills and the flexibility to breathe under water! Wear this grownup superhero costume to show off your extreme regeneration and healing … Read more

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Spanish artist Salvador Larocca (Uncanny X-Men, Invincible Iron Man, Darth Vader) produced the road art of the cover picture and obtained a painterly help from fellow Spaniard Paco Roca, who dealt with the artwork’s colours and textures. By the machinations of an Infinity Stones-powered Gamora, in an try and subdue those that opposed her she … Read more

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Basotho Blanket. In several scenes, W’Kabi (Daniel Kaluuya) and others are proven wearing Basotho blankets round their necks. “The Border Tribe they use these blankets, primarily based on Ryan Coogler’s journey to South Africa and to the Lesotho Village where he stayed — and he fell in love with these blankets. The video provides some … Read more