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That’s proper: he stripped the vibranium of its capacity to absorb vibrations, in the method presumably cancelling out any magic-amplifying properties it may have, too. She may only be a teenager, however Shuri is actually smarter than even Tony Stark, and evidently she’s already revolutionized Wakandan science. Where the standard Black Panther costume could absorb … Read more

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It’s a heartfelt love letter to Africa, an embrace felt throughout the diaspora, and the radical blueprint for all future media that deals with the representation of marginalized groups. We especially love the illuminated particulars on their gloves and the boldness of their poses. 66. Series artist Olivier Coipel brought again the strains on the … Read more

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I’ve all sorts of stuff from my journeys from “School Daze,” “Do The correct Thing,” — I’ve a lot to put in there. Much of her course of involved modernizing conventional African wardrobe to emphasize Wakanda’s standing as a “forward-considering nation” while conserving it grounded in African roots. The menace posed by Doom achieving this … Read more