black and gold black panther costume

It affords flight at excessive speeds, enhanced power, and extra safety in fight. Flexible Vibranium Mobile Shielding: Modular armor additions modeled for Shuri’s own Panther garb, it offers elevated power and safety by way of further Vibranium plating while retaining flexibility for pace and mobility. They expand out of the regular Panther Habits gloves via … Read more

the costume designer for black panther

Speaking in Xhosa, N’Jadaka lastly revealed N’Jobu was his father who had been murdered by T’Chaka years before, and as Ramonda claimed that he was simply lying, W’Kabi confirmed what N’Jadaka was saying by revealing his Royal Ring. Killmonger then raised his blade and prepared to execute the Wakandan King, telling him that it can … Read more